New York woman crashes car after spotting spider in driver’s area

Woman wrecks car after she sees spider riding shotgun with her

Woman wrecks car after she sees spider riding shotgun with her

"I'm so glad the driver is ok and I'm not laughing at her", said another.

Police believe a woman crashed her auto after she noticed a spider was inside.

A woman in NY totaled her vehicle on Wednesday after discovering a spider while she was driving.

Police said they were posting about the crash to "bring up a contributing factor [of collisions] that is not covered too often".

Cairo police posted photos of both the wreck, and the large number of first responders (including firefighters) who showed up to the crash scene. "The operator panicked and crashed".

Police urged new and experienced drivers to "overcome the fear and pull over to a safe place".

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The police admitted that arachnophobia, an extreme or irrational fear of spiders, can be tough to manage.

The unidentified driver "panicked and crashed", police said. "Lives depend on it". "I am hoping the lady recovers".

"For safety measures should probably burn the vehicle too", someone commented.

"Just to make sure it's really dead", the Facebook user wrote.

Another commented: "I have panicked with a spider that came down in front of me, Thankfully I didn't crash".

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