Nissan shareholders oust Carlos Ghosn from board

Former Nissan Motor Chairman Carlos Ghosn accompanied by his wife Carole Ghosn arrives at his place of residence in Tokyo

Former Nissan Motor Chairman Carlos Ghosn accompanied by his wife Carole Ghosn arrives at his place of residence in Tokyo

Nissan shareholders have approved the ouster of former chairman Carlos Ghosn from its board.

Ghosn, who was first arrested in November, has been charged with under-reporting his Nissan salary for a decade, and of temporarily transferring personal financial losses to Nissan's books.

"Economic performance and the well-being of the people at Nissan will be for me of the highest importance", Mr Senard told the meeting.

"I will constantly suggest the best possible evolutions in the framework of the alliance", Senard said after voters approved his appointment to Nissan's board. The approval Monday was shown by applause from the shareholders gathered at a Tokyo hotel.

"I deeply, deeply apologize for all the worries and troubles we have caused", Saikawa said.

Under Japanese law, prosecutors will be able to hold Ghosn for up to 22 days without charging him. The first two relate to the alleged deferring of around $80m in income and concealing this in official documents to shareholders.

The decision comes a week after Ghosn, who had previously been released on bail, was detained for a fourth time by Japanese prosecutors over fresh charges that he used Nissan funds for personal benefits. Kelly has also denied the charges against him.

Japanese prosecutors arrested Mr Ghosn for a fourth time on Thursday on suspicion he had tried to enrich himself at the vehicle manufacturer's expense, in another dramatic twist that his lawyers said was an attempt to muzzle him, Reuters said.

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France's weekly Journal du Dimanche quoted Carole Ghosn saying in an interview published Sunday that she saw police take her husband back into custody and "felt in danger" when officers confiscated her Lebanese passport. She said her husband's lawyers will soon make the video public.

The broadcaster reported that the prosecutors had already asked Ghosn's wife for voluntary questioning as an unsworn witness, but she refused that request.

Ghosn's rearrest on Thursday came less than a month after he dramatically won bail, paying around $9 million to secure his release. He was also banned from leaving the country.

Ghosn had scheduled a news conference for April 11 at the Foreign Correspondents' Club of Japan (FCCJ).

However, he gave a combative interview to France's TF1 television channel where he again denounced his downfall as a Nissan "plot" and voiced fears he might not receive a fair trial.

"As a French citizen, it should be a right", said Carole Ghosn. "Of course, I have names".

"Some of them you have seen in the press, but there are others that haven't been in the press".

"I am very anxious about the performance and future of Nissan", said Ghosn, widely credited with saving the Japanese firm from the brink of bankruptcy.

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