North Korean leader open to third Trump summit: KCNA

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un addresses the congress in Pyongyang North Korea Friday

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un addresses the congress in Pyongyang North Korea Friday

In a Friday speech, he said he will wait "with patience till the end of this year" for signs that the U.S. will bend on sanctions - Kim's precondition for another meeting with Trump.

In a speech to Pyongyang's rubber-stamp parliament Friday, Kim said the Hanoi meeting had made him question whether Washington is "genuinely interested" in improving its relations with Pyongyang.

"We of course place importance on resolving problems through dialogue and negotiations".

During a key parliamentary gathering on Friday, Kim voiced his willingness to hold a third summit with U.S. President Donald Trump, calling for a "fair" and "mutually acceptable" agreement, according to the North's official Korean Central News Agency (KCNA).

The United States and North Korea have accused each other of causing the Hanoi summit's breakdown.

President Trump has evidently refused an appeal from South Korean President Moon Jae-in to lighten sanctions, a development Kim may have anticipated.

"[The US] is further escalating the hostility to us with each passing day despite its suggestion for settling the issue through dialogue", Kim said.

Kim's self-imposed deadline appears meant to highlight the fact that Pyongyang can still endure the mounting pressure from the biting USA -led global sanctions regime, as the U.S.

Trump and Kim first met in June 2018 in Singapore, and their negotiations and correspondence via letters continued until their second summt in Hanoi, Vietnam, in February.

Negotiations for nuclear disarmament in Hanoi collapsed because the two leaders disagreed on sanctions and nuclear facilities, Mr. Trump told reporters.

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Some experts say that it is becoming clear the North intends to turn the talks with the USA into a bilateral arms reduction negotiation between two nuclear states, rather than a unilateral process of surrendering its arsenal.

All eyes are now on whether Washington will move to revive the stalled talks following Kim's speech.

In response to Kim's criticism on Saturday, the South Korean presidential office reiterated its commitment to that goal. -North Korea nuclear talks.

The two leaders met for the first time in Singapore previous year.

"There are various smaller deals that could happen", Trump said "You could work out step-by-step pieces, but at this moment we're talking about the big deal".

Still, North Korea is committed to better North-South relations and peaceful unification, Kim said.

Following the collapse of the Trump-Kim summit, the North had been urging the South to break away from Washington and proceed with inter-Korean economic projects that are now held back by US -led sanctions against the North.

"What is clear is that if the USA persists in its present political calculation method, the prospect of settling the issues will be gloomy and very risky", Kim said. In the months leading up to the talks, Pyongyang froze its nuclear and ballistic missile tests and demolished the only known nuclear test site.

Trump walked away from making a deal with Kim at their meeting in late February.

Days earlier, Kim also noted the need to deal a "telling blow to the hostile forces who go with bloodshot eyes miscalculating that sanctions can bring the North to its knees".

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