Oculus Accidentally Hid Creepy Messages In Thousands Of VR Controllers

VR Oculus

VR Oculus

Nate Mitchell, the cofounder of Oculus, the Facebook-owned VR company, said on Twitter on Friday that the company inadvertently printed some unusual messages in its Touch controllers, handheld devices for playing games and navigating VR environments.

Oculus' co-founder Nate Mitchell has said on Twitter that tens of thousands of Oculus Touch controllers shipped with freaky Easter Egg messages hidden inside on internal hardware that are privacy related. He also confirmed that these jokes were meant for prototypes and were never supposed to go into production. Other messages included "This Space For Rent" and 'Hi iFixit!

There are no plans to recall the hardware due to the messages.

These inscriptions on Touch controllers were meant to be harmless and fun easter eggs for prototype versions of the Oculus Touch controllers. "We See You!", referring to the popular teardown and fix guide website, and the somewhat creepy "Big Brother is Watching".

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iFixit, for the uninitiated, is a company that produces tech gadget teardowns. However, the integrity or functionality of hardware was not compromised.

The messages are emblazoned on the "flex" portion of the Touch controllers, Business Insider reported. "That said, as mentioned in Nate's tweet, the messages will be inside tens of thousands of controller pairs that will ship to consumers when Quest and Rift S ship".

That much was once again made clear today when the social media giant was forced to admit it had "accidentally" shipped "tens of thousands" of Oculus Touch controllers with secret messages embedded inside the devices. Oculus also recently announced its next-gen VR headset called the Oculus Rift S.

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