One third of the world's power now comes from renewable energy



Asia continued to lead the way with 64 GW - accounting for around 70% of the global expansion past year - thanks to dominant performances from China, India, Japan, and South Korea. Also contributing the numbers is the fact that two-thirds of the power added a year ago came from renewable sources, and developing countries are leading the pack.

Hydropower: Growth in hydro continued to slow in 2018, with only China adding a significant amount of new capacity in 2018 (+8.5 GW). While the numbers are a positive sign for the future, Amin believes they need to increase at an even faster pace if we want to reach our global climate goals. "Countries taking full advantage of their renewables potential will benefit from a host of socioeconomic benefits in addition to decarbonising their economies".

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Since 2000, non-renewable generation capacity has expanded by about 115 GW per year, on average, with no discernible trend upwards or downwards.

In the wind sector, some 49 GW of new capacity went live in the past year. New additions in the U.S. were 8.4 GW, Australia added 3.8 GW and Germany 3.6 GW.

Renewable Energy Now Accounts for One-Third of Global Power Capacity, Says New Report

"Solar PV and onshore wind have won the race to be the cheapest sources of new 'bulk generation" in most countries, but the encroachment of clean technologies is now going well beyond that, threatening the balancing role that gas-fired plant operators, in particular, have been hoping to play, ' Tifenn Brandily, energy economics analyst at BNEF, said, commenting on the analysis.

The report titled "Renewable Capacity Statistics 2019" noted that solar energy generation capacity grew fastest, as compared to other renewable energy sources, by 24 per cent or 94 GW in 2018. Bioenergy accounted for 121GW, geothermal energy for 13GW and marine energy (tidal, wave and ocean energy) for 500 MW.

This brings total renewable energy generation capacity up to a whopping 2,351 GW as of the end of 2018, accounting for around a third of the globe's total installed electricity capacity. The Solar Energy Transformation Market will be boosted by the increasing demand for energy coupled with planned transformation from conventional to renewable energy sources.

Launched in 2015 by co-founders Thomas Byrne, Jon Powers, and Marc Garrett, CleanCapital today owns and manages $300 million of distributed operating solar energy assets in the United States, with a combined capacity of more than 100 MW.

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