Photos of Miley Cyrus raise concern about Joshua trees

Miley Cyrus tree embed

Miley Cyrus tree embed

The comments have since been removed and turned off, however there were people from the Joshua Tree community who aired their thoughts before the comments disappeared, saying that she should not have climbed on the trees.

The critical comments rolled in fast and furious.

Singer Miley Cyrus was criticized after she posted photos on Instagram of herself posing on the branch of a Joshua tree. Just because you are famous doesn't mean you can do what you want.

Meanwhile a spokesperson for the national park called her out via the Desert Sun.

Someone who goes by rachhamby was one of many people who pointed to Cyrus's huge platform as a star.

The US Fish and Wildlife Service is now in the process of considering the Joshua tree for inclusion in the Endangered Species Act, due to its vulnerability to climate change. They're members of the agave family, and more closely related to grasses and orchids than to hardwood trees like oak or cedar.

Miley Cyrus tree embed
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"Do not climb Joshua trees". Another person explained, "Miley, you're fantastic, but don't climb on Joshua trees!" "As a public figure it is your responsibility to set a good example to your followers so we can preserve these trees for generations to come", someone wrote.

Beyond all the environmental damage, the JoshuaTreeHatesYou account noted one more thing - the post isn't even original. They aren't a normal tree, they can't handle the weight it hurts them.

In a statement from the Mojave Desert Land Trust, Executive Director Geary Hund said Joshua trees have a shallow root system and that any additional weight can damage branches.

The Desert Sun newspaper says other photos posted in the past two weeks appear to show the singer near electricity-producing windmills in the Palm Springs area of California.

The "Malibu" singer is a public figure, and Hund feels that her removing the pictures will help "educate" the public about the Joshua trees and help prevent potential damage to these trees. When she posted her images from the shoot on her social media account, she got up to 1.3 million likes, although that is not all she got.

While the 26-year-old music artist looked cute in her multi-colored onesie, not everyone was particularly impressed by the images showing her astride the protected species of succulent from which the Joshua Tree National Park in Los Angeles, California, got its name.

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