PlayStation Store Revises PS4 Refund Policy

PlayStation Store Revises PS4 Refund Policy

PlayStation Store Revises PS4 Refund Policy

Under the PlayStation Store refund policy, players may not be eligible for a refund.

"After purchasing this type of content through PlayStation Store, you have 14 days from purchase to request a refund to your wallet on PlayStation Network", Sony explained.

However, as with all refunds, some stipulations apply. If the product has already been released and you have not yet downloaded it, then you can request a refund within 14 days of its release. "To request a refund for Games, DLC, Add-ons content, please contact PlayStation support". Once a game is streamed or downloaded, it is ineligible for a refund unless it is "faulty," and no, the policy doesn't elaborate what constitutes faulty content. So, if you pre-order 11 days before release, you'll have until three days after release to get a refund.

You may have additional refund rights under applicable local law for pre-order purchases if the release date changes; nothing in the summary above or below limits any such rights under local law. If you pre-order within 14 days of release, you'll only have 14 days to claim a refund.

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As for subscription refunds, gamers can request them up to fourteen days after purchase, but they won't receive a full refund. (This 14-day period does include free trial windows, so be sure to take that into consideration.) Sony also noted that refunds for these services may vary, depending on how much a subscriber has used the product. In all cases, the refund is added to the PlayStation wallet balance, regardless of the payment method used. This rule applies to PlayStation Plus, PlayStation Now, and Spotify Premium subscriptions.

Some have said that without the PlayStation Store policy covering people who have downloaded or played the game for a small amount of time, it isn't a refund policy at all. These are non-refundable, even though gamers can cancel their PlayStation Vue subscription anytime.

Unfortunately, the refund process is not automated like it is on Steam, Xbox Live and other services.

While April Fools' Day is traditionally one where people have to be wary, Sony's latest updated PlayStation Store terms are legitimate.

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