President Trump says has not read Mueller report

‘Conclusion – no collusion’: Trump says he hasn’t read Mueller Report, calls it ‘waste of time’

‘Conclusion – no collusion’: Trump says he hasn’t read Mueller Report, calls it ‘waste of time’

A former federal prosecutor on Saturday noted that there are direct routes Attorney General William Barr could take to get special counsel Robert Mueller's report released to Congress and the public in a timely manner - but it doesn't seem that he wants that.

"Only know the conclusions, and on the big one, No Collusion".

Dean, who was himself heavily involved in the Watergate coverup before agreeing to be a witness against Nixon, immediately replied to Trump's comment with a tweet of his own: "And when was the last time you read 400 pages plus of anything?"

There have been several reports in which Trump is described as the president who doesn't read. Now they're coming out and people are - and they are reportedly saying to different agencies in the press that the report is much more damning to the president than the attorney general lets on.

US Citizens Among 7 Arrested In Saudi Arabia
His son told United States senators last month he had been tortured in detention, including electric shocks and whipping. The 11 women on trial had campaigned for the right to drive and an end to the kingdom's male guardianship system.

The disparity in length between Barr's letter and Mueller's full report, which totals almost 400 pages, raises the likelihood of additional significant information that was put forward by the special counsel's office but not immediately shared by the attorney general. Barr told lawmakers the investigation did not establish that members of Trump's election campaign conspired with Russian Federation, but also did not exonerate the president on obstruction of justice.

A firestorm over the report has continued since then, with Democrats demanding the report be released in full. House Democrats on Wednesday approved subpoenas for Mueller's entire report and any exhibits and other underlying evidence that the Justice Department might withhold. But news media reports this week said members of Mueller's team were unhappy with the way Barr, a Trump appointee, had characterized the report's conclusions. "13 Angry Trump hating Dems (later brought to 18) given two years and $30 million, and they found No Collusion, No Obstruction", Trump tweeted Saturday.

Russia's government has denied interfering in the USA election.

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