PS5 confirmed to support 8K video, ray tracing, all on Navi



The system will still accept physical media, and "Because it's based in part on the PS4's architecture, it will also be backward-compatible with games for that console". Demonstrating the new tech, Cerny demonstrates the difference in load times in Spider-Man, dropping a fast-travel transition time from 15 seconds to 0.8.

Cost and storage capacity have always been major bottlenecks for pushing solid state drives into the gaming console market, and Cerny did not reveal plans for the new device's storage capacity or pricing. The current PSVR model will also be compatible with the new console.

Sony won't be at E3 in June this year and AMD's earnings release is scheduled for April 24, so it's probably not surprising that Sony chose to provide us with some details now. Cerny says the console will pack a "specialized" SSD that will dramatically reduce load times, and noted it was one of the most requested features from a dev standpoint.

Games will continue to launch for the PS4 and PS5 after the new console launches.

If you're wondering, yes, Mark Cerny is in a place to know about these things - on top of being hardware honcho for both PS4 and PS5, he's been a major mover and shaker at PlayStation from nearly the beginning.

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That's an impressive package, and it will be interesting to see when and how Microsoft meets that challenge with its next generation console (Nintendo will always be off doing its own thing and being Nintendo).

This talk with Cerny brushes over some key details, such as the support for 8K graphics (though good luck finding a TV for that). Further, the PS5 is scheduled to feature a host of audio improvements in a bid to enhance each user's experience. Furthermore, Sony also confirmed that there's a chance for possible cross-platform releases. If the PlayStation 5 happens to release next year, then we can expect further details to surface later this year or at beginning of 2020.

SIE can officially confirm the information reported in WIRED about our next-generation console, which will continue our efforts to make PlayStation the best place to play.

The rest of the specs seem decent, but performance-wise we'll have to wait until Sony's official reveal to see how they'll look in practice. Whenever the PS5 is finally ready to hit store shelves, we can promise you one thing: we're going to be ready.

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