Revamped Find My iPhone app may get Tile-like item tracker

Turn off Find My iPhone

Turn off Find My iPhone

Engineers at Apple are now working on an app with the code name "GreenTorch" that would combine the company's existing Find My iPhone and Find My Friends apps into a single offering, possibly to debut in iOS 13.

It will be available on both iOS and macOS as a Marzipan app.

Apple is working on its own Tile competitor, which will utilize iPhones to help people track their personal items, according to a new report in 9to5Mac.

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The unified app will allow a user of a family group to track the location of everyone in the group along with their other Apple devices including AirPods.

If Apple does end up launching such a product, it could spell bad news for Tile, which makes popular Bluetooth trackers. It will be linked to your iCloud account and you'll be notified when you wander outside the tiles range. So when another Apple user finds this tag, they can scan it, and inform you; you'll also get a notification via the app. It will be possible for users to set up areas or geolocations where the item can be left without the tag.

Apple is working on a new smartphone app that will merge the functionalities of its existing "Find My Friends" and Find My Friends apps. Apple is also planning to add offline tracking via a “Find Network” feature handy when a lost device is not connected to either Wi-Fi or a cellular network. We don't know what Apple's product will look like yet, but the product, codenamed "B3B9" will also reportedly feature the ability to store your contact information that can be shared on any other nearby Apple device, in case it does get lost. As it functions now, you have to enable location sharing for each friend, but privacy concerns surrounding the ability to track virtually anything you can tag, abound.

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