Snapchat has been completely revamped for Android

Snap finally releases a new and faster version of Snapchat for Android users

Snap finally releases a new and faster version of Snapchat for Android users

The app was rebuilt from the ground up so that it could be faster for Android users.

The new spyware was spotted by security researchers working at Lookout. Earlier it was detected in many Android devices but the iPhone foray has been a shocker.

These sites would direct unsuspecting victims to download an app disguised to offer mobile carrier support.

Another app seems to have abused the iOS enterprise certificate in order to bypass Apple's App Store rules.

The decision to rebuild the Android app was made back in 2017 to make the Snapchat Android app a good performer just like the iOS app which delivers smooth performance. The difference in the two versions is that the spy app in iOS format gains user's permission unintentionally by posing as a legit app before starting its surveillance antics.

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Once on an iOS device, the spyware could gobble up contract details, photos, videos, users' real-time location and even audio recordings from the infected iThing. Furthermore, the spyware can be remotely triggered to listen in on conversations. They chose to rewrite the app from the ground up.

Before the app was brought into Google's notice and removed from PlayStore, the spyware developers could read Wi-Fi passwords, emails as well as data from apps like Facebook, Gmail, WhatsApp, Viber and WeChat. "The main differentiator with this actor is the level of professionalism that we've seen from them", added Bauer.

Apple loves to highlight the fact that it has paid developers billions of dollars since the inception of the App Store.

However, this is only the latest in a string of controversies surrounding Apple's enterprise certificates. It is unknown how many Apple users have been affected by that action.

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