SpaceX Falcon Heavy launch 'targeted' for Tuesday

SpaceX Falcon Heavy launch 'targeted' for Tuesday

SpaceX Falcon Heavy launch 'targeted' for Tuesday

The Falcon Heavy will launch an Arabsat 6A communications satellite weighing over 13,000 pounds into a Geo Stationary Transfer Orbit. After the spectacular success of the first Falcon Heavy launch, there is quite a bit of pressure for SpaceX to perform just as well again. The company is excruciatingly close to being ready for the big day, but its current projected launch dates of April 7th or 8th are looking increasingly unrealistic.

SpaceX announced via Twitter that the static fire test Friday was a success and the new target date to launch Heavy with commercial communications satellite Arabsat-6A aboard is Tuesday, April 9.

There's still no official word from SpaceX or Elon Musk, but a source at NASA tells FOX 35 the static fire test for the Falcon Heavy has been scrapped, at least for Thursday night.Space fans set up shop in Canaveral National Seashore Thursday afternoon hoping for the flawless shot of the static test fire for the Falcon Heavy rocket. The almost flawless first launch, which included successful landings by two of the Falcon Heavy's three first-stage boosters, earned SpaceX major accolades, including coveted military launch contracts. Once it's sent into space it will expand communication coverage in parts of Africa and the Middle East.

Falcon Heavy will be even more powerful this time around, with a maximum thrust of 2,550 tons, according to Musk - or about 10 percent higher than last year's demo. The standard Falcon 9 boosters have had multiple successful landings at this point, and they are expected to succeed and be reused for future missions.

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The Falcon Heavy is expected to launch between 6:36 p.m. through 8:35 p.m. EST on April 7th.

Several powerful rockets were launched from Complex 39A, including Saturn V with the crew of Apollo 11 and later, flights of the Space Shuttle program. So Falcon Heavy gets its enormous lift from firing 27 rockets at once. (6,000 kilograms) that was built for Saudi Arabian corporation Arabsat. With the Falcon 9. all the Merlin engines ignite at once.

The rocket stands 224 feet tall, and weighs 140,660 lbs. Only two of Heavy's core rocket stages landed successfully following the big demonstration launch previous year.

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