Texas lawmaker: Illegal immigration at US-Mexico border creating 'chaos'

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Trump aides repeat threat to shut down U.S.-Mexico border on migrant crisis
By Staff Editor
12 h ago


World News Trump aides repeat threat to shut down U.S.-Mexico border on migrant crisis By Staff Editor 12 h ago Share

News agency Reuters pointed out that, using United States Department of Agriculture data, almost half all imported vegetables and 40 percent of imported fruit come from Mexico.

Data from the US Department of Agriculture show that almost half of all imported vegetables and 40 per cent of imported fruits come from Mexico. In a tweet Monday, the president said "Democrats working with Republicans in Congress" could potentially "fix the asylum and other loopholes quickly".

She said it may not be a silver bullet but should help speed up the process. Hundreds of officers who usually screen cargo and vehicles at ports of entry were reassigned to help manage migrants.

More specifically, Reuters suggests that America would run out of avocados in just three weeks if President Trump were to completely close down the U.S. -Mexico border. Members of Trump's own administration have expressed concerns with the possible closure; CNN reports one official warned the consequences could be "catastrophic".

One American official described a meeting past year where Mexican officials touted the more accommodating approach on their southern border as a change for good.

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Those cross-border supply chains have bolstered manufacturing jobs on both sides of the Rio Grande-there's been a 50 percent increase in American auto-making jobs since 2011, according to the American Automotive Policy Council, and greater job prospects in Mexico have been credited with slowing illegal immigration. That's how much trade occurs every year between the two countries, and about $137 billion of that total is food. Those exports could be shutdown as well.

Trump is being privately advised by multiple people inside and outside the White House that closing the border is a bad idea.

Detentions at the US border have surged in recent months, angering Trump and putting pressure on Lopez Obrador to find a solution that will prevent a shutdown of the frontier to the market for 80 percent of Mexico's exports. "Access to Mexico's marketplace and North American integration are critical to operations in the USA". "If Mexico doesn't immediately stop ALL illegal immigration coming into the United States through [sic] our Southern Border, I will be CLOSING the Border, or large sections of the Border, next week", the president added.

But closing the border could halt the very trade that the USMCA agreement is created to regulate. We were giving them $500 million. Trump is seeking more funding for a proposed wall between the United States and Mexico despite congressional opposition.

Ms. Nielsen also ordered Customs and Border Protection to speed up its plans to make some migrants wait in Mexico while they demand asylum in the U.S.

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