Theresa May issues 'stark' warning of no Brexit at all

Johnson made a U-turn and voted for May's Brexit agreement on 29 March after twice voting against it, following the Prime Minister's pledge that she would resign and let someone else oversee the next stage of negotiations if the deal was passed.

French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian told reporters at a G7 meeting in France on Saturday that it was time for the Brexit crisis to end.

The North East Somerset MP says that the Prime Minister's collusion with Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn as the pair try to compromise a Brexit deal "risks giving a credibility to Mr Corbyn and undermining the general thrust of the Conservative argument that he is a Marxist and he would be risky to this nation's interests".

"Specifically provided we are leaving the European Union then it is important that we compromise, that's what this is about and it is through gritted teeth", said Andrea Leadsom, the Brexit-supporting Leader of the House of Commons, parliament's lower house.

"I was just surprised - we're still members of the European Union", she told the Press Association.

"I think that's achievable".

Downing Street did not confirm whether face-to-face talks would begin again today between Labour and the Conservatives in an attempt to reach a compromise.

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Jim Shannon made the remarks yesterday after The Sunday Times reported that Theresa May's government has a plan to enshrine in law a customs arrangement with Brussels in a bid to win over the opposition Labour Party to back a Brexit deal.

"My intention is to reach an agreement with my fellow European Union leaders that will mean if we can agree a deal here at home we can leave the European Union in just six weeks", she said. "It is essential we deliver what people voted for and to do that we need to get a deal over the line".

However, on Monday, peers will continue considering a bill brought by senior Labour MP Yvette Cooper, which aims to force May to request a Brexit extension rather than leave the European Union without a deal.

"We've got to look at the offer on the table at the moment and what we're looking at is Theresa May's deal or no deal".

Senior ministers have spent several days negotiating with its leaders, but there are signs of the talks stalling after Labour complained of no "real change or compromise".

But she indicated that talks aimed at reaching a deal with the Tories were expected to continue early this week, and confirmed revoking Article 50 was still an option to avoid no deal.

But the EU is expected to demand a clear strategy from Mrs May and could insist on a longer delay, which would require the United Kingdom to participate in the European Elections.

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