Toddler survives 60-foot fall from apartment window, lands on auto

Girl fall

Girl fall

A 20-month-old survived a six-story fall from a Seattle area apartment complex Wednesday night and may have been saved by a parked auto that broke his fall, a local Fox affiliate reported.

Were it not for the auto, the outcome would have been much worse, police said. "That's when I found out the kid had fallen on my auto". Edward Lu told KOMO-TV that the only reason the vehicle was there was because he had decided at the last minute to ride his bike to work that day. They said she apparently opened the window to air out the bedroom.

If Ed Lu hadn't made a decision to bike to work in the rain that morning, his Mazda wouldn't have been in that parking space and that child may not have survived the drop.

The toddler in Seattle landed in a way where the auto "absorbed enough of the impact that he was awake and crying when paramedics arrived" on Wednesday afternoon, Redmond police spokesman James Perry told the KIRO television station.

"If I had driven in today I don't know what would've happened".

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"This could've been much different if that auto hadn't been there", Perry said, as the boy could have landed on the pavement instead. His parking space is directly below the sixth-floor window.

"That's a big dent, I couldn't believe it", Lu said, KOMO reported. "The denting on top of the auto suggests it absorbed a lot of the impact from the child", Perry added.

Lu said "we're all lucky" he chose to bicycle to work instead of driving, adding that he doesn't normally believe in miracles, KCPQ reported.

"I can't say I do normally, but this time, I don't know how else to term it", he said.

Medics quickly transferred him to the hospital and "described him as stable", Perry said about the boy's condition.

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