Tourists flee large wave after Icelandic glacier collapse

Tourists scramble to safety as the wave starts to surge behind them.							Hafjall  Facebook

Tourists scramble to safety as the wave starts to surge behind them. Hafjall Facebook

Tourists were admiring the Breiðamerkurjökull glacier in Vatnajökull National Park in southeastern Iceland.

Tourists were filmed fleeing from the edge of a lagoon as a glacier calved in Iceland yesterday (March 31) creating large pulsating waves near the shore.

Mantler said he could hear the cracking from the far-off glacier, which is a sign that a glacier calving - the natural process in which a large section of ice breaks away - was imminent.

The tour company, meanwhile, added the area is only reached by tourists traveling with guides who know how and when to instruct them to safety pending a possible calving.

"Everybody in the area was briefed by their guide that if a collapse happens they must leave the beach and search (for) higher ground immediately, which is exactly what happened", AccuWeather quoted company owner Stephen Mantler as saying in an email.

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The tourists were accompanied by an expert mountain guide, when the glacier collapsed.

Tourists are seen making a run for higher ground as water rushes towards them.

Although Mantler says "calvings are fairly frequent at this time of the year", he acknowledged that Sunday's event was "extraordinarily large" and much closer to the shore than usual, hence the close call with the sightseers.

"In the end, most importantly, nobody got hurt or even wet".

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