U.S. deports widower of fallen United States soldier, then reverses course

Deported husband of US soldier killed in Afghanistan speaks out: ‘Trump says he wants to help veterans’ — so why kick me out?

Deported husband of US soldier killed in Afghanistan speaks out: ‘Trump says he wants to help veterans’ — so why kick me out?

Jose Gonzalez Carranza was arrested on his way to work last week and was deported to Nogales, Sonora on Thursday, his attorney told AZ Central. Authorities picked Gonzalez Carranza up and dropped him off at the agency's headquarters in Phoenix. He was then allowed back into the United States and released on his own recognizance in Phoenix, Hernandez said.

Carranza entered the U.S. illegally as a teenager in 2004 from Mexico.

Mr Gonzalez Carranza was married to Army Pfc Barbara Vieyra - a first-generation American born to Mexican immigrant parents - in 2007.

Vieyra, who deployed to Afghanistan as a military police officer, was killed by enemy fighters in Konar province, east of Kabul, in 2010 at the age of 22. "She was assigned to the 720th Military Police Battalion, 89th Military Police Brigade, Fort Hood, Texas", according to Department of Defense records.

A Phoenix man married to an American soldier killed in combat was deported to Mexico last week, but he has been allowed to return to the United States, his attorney said.

Gonzalez was supposed to be allowed to stay in the US because his wife had been killed while serving, according to The Arizona Republic, but a judge ordered his deportation in December after he didn't show up for a court hearing. This designation, typically given in increments, means Carranza was allowed to stay in the United States without the threat of deportation.

So why did ICE come for Gonzalez Carranza, despite his parole in place exemption? Gonzalez Carranza was sent a notice to appear at a hearing in his case but he never made it to the hearing because, he says, he never received the notice to appear.

According to his lawyer, Ice chose to re-open his case in 2018 and a judge subsequently ordered him to be deported after he failed to show up for a court hearing.

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"She always said, 'I'll be able to come back and it won't be like I've missed her whole life". They detained [Carranza] because of the order of removal done due to the court hearing my client did not go to because he did not know.

"On Wednesday, when we were calling to know the whereabouts of our client with ICE in Phoenix, our client called us from Mexico and told us he had been removed", Hernandez said.

Carranza didn't find out that a judge had ordered his deportation until he was arrested while traveling to a welding job on April 8. On April 11, ICE removed Carranza "from the United States pending the motion to reopen while a stay was in place", according to the release.

ICE said Carranza was allowed to re-enter the United States on Monday "pending adjudication" of his proceedings.

"I feel so bad", Gonzalez Carranza said at the time. The statement didn't mention a parole in place. Kyrsten Sinema, D-Ariz., told the Republic that they were working with Hernandez and ICE to resolve the case.

But on Monday afternoon he was told by U.S. officials that he could cross back into the country at the DeConcini port of entry, where Ice agents picked him up and brought him back to Tucson to be transported to Phoenix.

But an immigration judge will still have to rule on his petition to reopen his case. Once in front of the judge, Hernandez said his team will ask for a cancellation of the deportation order.

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