Xbox Scarlett More Powerful Than PS5, The Klobrille Insider Has The Tests

The new Play Station console will support 8K graphics 3D audio and ray tracing

The new Play Station console will support 8K graphics 3D audio and ray tracing

In addition, the device will be utilizing an AMD chip with a 3rd gen Ryzen CPU and a custom version of the Radeon's Navi graphics chips. That means most (if not all) of your PS4 games will be able to be played on the new console.

Sony confirmed as much in a recent interview with Wired, among other details about the upcoming PlayStation console.

Given all of crazy-good hardware that will be under the hood, many are expecting that the PlayStation 5 will debut with an astronomical price tag that will limit its appeal to only the most diehard early adopters.

The last big improvement in performance for the new PlayStation 5 includes a super-fast SSD. A file from an AAA European game developer was posted on Pastebin, and reportedly disclosed the launching date of the PlayStation 5.

Sony Interactive Entertainment officially announced the PS5 this week and revealed some details about the next-gen console.

While Cerny would not confirm if the system would be called the PlayStation 5 - he would only refer to it as the "next-gen console" - he did reveal the upcoming console will support backwards compatibility, as well as current PlayStation VR hardware.

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Cerny said the PS5 will feature support for 8K resolution, which will make it future-proof for a few years.

According to the author, among the games now under development for PS5 (and probably Xbox One, PS4 and Xbox Scarlett) we find Grand Theft Auto VI, the new Assassin's Creed ( codename Assassin's Creed Legion ), Battlefield Bad Company 3 of DICE is the new mysterious Harry Potter game produced by WB Games. There was no way Sony was going to make the same mistake with the PS4 as it did with the PS3, and so we saw a modest price point of $399 United States dollars at launch. That's compared to the PS3's $599 launch price, which significantly impacted the console's launch window success.

The Xbox One launched at $499, $100 more than the PS4, and, much like the generation before, the console with the higher price point struggled out of the blocks.

Does This Mean Sony Will Win The Next-Generation Console War Against Microsoft?

Back to the topic at hand, how much will the PS5 cost? He also mentioned that the PS5 wouldn't release in 2019, which all but confirms a 2020 launch.

What do you think of the PS5 details?

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