You can now play games with friends inside of Snapchat

Some of the new AR lenses in Snapchat

Some of the new AR lenses in Snapchat

First up is Bitmoji Party, a first-party game developed by Snapchat that seemingly takes inspiration from Mario Party by pitting Bitmoji avatars in a series of mini games.

Snap also announced a slew of fresh features and content for existing products, adding shows from Bunim/Murray Productions and BuzzFeed and augmented reality filters including templates of landmarks.

A report from Engadget claim that the feature will be rolled out later this year.

Luke Muscat, creative director of Snap's new game studio and designer of such titles as Fruit Ninja and Jetpack Joyride, has worked with his team to create Bitmoji Party for Snapchat.

Snapchat's iconic "Stories" feature is heading over to Tinder.

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One key differentiator though, according to Snap execs, is that Snapchat's games are all played live in real time and feature live text and audio chat.

"Something that makes us feel like we're sitting with friends, controllers in hand, looking at the same screen". When you start a game, the other people in the thread will get a notification alerting them they can join (you can also play some games solo).

Perhaps most importantly, though, Snap announced a new advertising component to its developer platform: Ad Kit, a tool that allows app makers to target their ads to Snapchat users outside of Snapchat.

The games include Snap's flagship Bitmoji Party, Spry Fox's Alphabear Hustle, ZeptoLab's C.A.T.S. Drift Race, Game Closure's Snake Squad, PikPok's Zombie Rescue Squad and Zynga's Tiny Royale. The software, which uses Snap's new "Audience Network" will let advertisers re-use their vertical video ads outside of Snap.

The announcement came at the company's Partner Summit in LA, where it revealed it would be releasing a series of games exclusive to the platform, including one called Bitmoji Party.

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