Your Android phone's volume key can unlock your Google account

Your Android phone's volume key can unlock your Google account

Your Android phone's volume key can unlock your Google account

The feature uses the FIDO Alliance protocols, which have become an industry standard for hardware security keys.

The tech giant already provides a number of 2FA methods including Google Prompt but physical security keys have been proven by its own teams to be the most effective method of combating phishing. In addition to offering security keys via Android phones, Google produces the Titan Security Key. Next you need to sign into your Google Account on the device and open your Google security settings on your computer. For now that includes only Chrome, but Firefox and the upcoming Chromium-based Edge browser should also support it in the near future. This should include most phones from 2017 and on.

Users will have to activate the security key on their device before it works, and it's only compatible with Chrome browsers on Bluetooth-enabled Chrome OS, macOS X and Windows 10 devices. Make sure your phone's Bluetooth is activated.

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Then visit the 2-Step Verification website on your computer and choose the "Add security key" button.

As of April 10, 2019, you can now use your Android device (running Android 7.0 or later) as a physical 2SV key for your Google and Google Cloud accounts.

"Think of it like a security key in nearly every modern Android phone. a very easy-to-use form factor for over a billion users", Rob Sadowski, Google's Trust and Security marketing lead, told reporters last week.

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