Google Maps AR rolling out to Pixel devices

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Thousands of developers and programmers gathered Tuesday morning on the grounds of the Shoreline Amphitheatre in California for Google's annual developer conference called Google I/O.

People who want to get their hands on the next-generation assistant as soon as possible will have to buy one of Google's next flagship phones in the fall this year.

The 3a has a 3,000mAh battery, with the 3a XL boasting a larger 3,700mAh that Google is claiming can get 7 hours of battery life from 15 minutes of chaarging, and up to 30 hours on a full charge.

Google built new technology to give consumers privacy by doing more with less data over time, with a focus on data processing on-device to make features faster and data more accessible for every type of application, from search to Maps.

If you want to buy the Pixel 3a or 3a XL on a plan you're now limited to Vodafone which is running the handset exclusively in Australia.

Google Inc.'s newest smartphones - the Pixel 3a series - went on sale in Taiwan Wednesday after the USA -based tech giant unveiled the new phones in Google I/O developer conference in San Francisco overnight. It is not yet confirmed whether the Pixel 2 (Review) and original Pixel (Review) generations will be updated as well.

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Both phones also have the ability to output audio with Bluetooth and USB-C audio. In the process of getting the Pixel experience ported to the mid-range processor Google's software engineers were forced to be more efficient with their coding and subsequently found some bugs and code issues which could be fixed, scrapped or improved on the higher end Pixel - the higher end hardware had masked these coding issues but they stood out on the mid-range Pixel. Responding to voice commands, Assistant can create a calendar invite, find and share photos, or create a memo.

Another major new feature for Google Assistant is Personal References. In the explicit flow, the user must explicitly confirm the transaction.

Personal References can be things that a user refers to frequently, such as relatives, workplaces, and businesses, but they can also be temporary. This could mean companies like Samsung would be able to use APEX to update its own system-level apps without requiring a total reboot and update on behalf of the user. The user would not have to manually ask for a date range or physical location.

In coming months, Google said that change will enable users to clear most of those tracking cookies without disturbing others that keep users logged into sites or that personalize website settings.

Once activated, the AR feature will immediately fire up your camera and present you with a live view of your surroundings with a cutout at the bottom of the screen for the actual map. In a short clip provided by Google on its official blog, the application will overlay graphics including the names of streets and the directions towards people's destination on top of images captured by the handset's camera.

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