Huawei Removed from SD Association and Wi-Fi Alliance

Huawei can no longer make phones with SD card slots

Huawei can no longer make phones with SD card slots

The Wi-Fi Alliance has "temporarily restricted" Huawei's participation, and the SD Association removed Huawei from its organization, according to multiple reports. There is no official announcement or confirmation yet but a source earlier checked SD Association's website (SDA) and noticed Huawei is no longer listed. The Trump Administration banned the company from working with USA suppliers, meaning that Huawei's relationship with Google will effectively end after August 19. Here's another blow to Huawei's side: the SD Association is dropping the top Chinese OEM.

Other than all those companies, the WiFi Alliance, which sets and defines WiFi standards also cut ties with Huawei, and Huawei voluntarily left a semiconductor standards group (JEDEC) which sets specifications for RAM. While current Huawei phones with microSD card slots will continue to work just fine, this likely means future devices from the company won't have this functionality. NM Cards weren't inherently faster than microSD cards, nor were they more affordable, and they hardly take up much less space in your smartphone. Huawei has been producing its own proprietary next-gen storage card called the Nano Memory - a much smaller memory card that holds up to 256GB of data.

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The California-based association licenses the SD card technology to vendors around the world.

Thanks to the USA executive order, a lot of American companies have cut ties with Huawei. This means that Huawei won't be able to provide support for microSD cards in its future smartphones, and SD card support in its future laptops.

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