Meghan McCain blasts Trump over USS John S. McCain scandal

White House wanted USS John McCain 'out of sight' during Trump trip

White House wanted USS John McCain 'out of sight' during Trump trip

I had journalists emailing me all memorial day about this, giving me a heads up this was happening, so the idea that people didn't know is ridiculous, they are journalists I trust. I wasn't involved. I would not have done that.

In perhaps the pettiest episode yet for the thin-skinned President, the White House ordered the Navy to hide a warship bearing McCain's name before Trump's arrival in Japan.

"I would never dishonour the memory of a great American patriot like Senator McCain. Nevertheless, @FLOTUS and I loved being with our great Military Men and Women - what a spectacular job they do!" he wrote on Twitter. "And they were well-meaning, I will say", he added, while insisting he was kept in the dark.

Video: President Trump attacked late senator John McCain many times over the years, taking issue with his health-care vote, his time as a prisoner of war in Vietnam and, most recently, his handling of an intelligence dossier.

The Journal reported, based on people familiar with the matter, that sailors on the USS John S. McCain, who usually wear hats with the ship's name on it, were given the day off when Trump visited. In July 2018, just about a month before he passed away, Senator McCain's name was added to the vessel's namesake list by the United States Navy.

Donald Trump visited a U.S. Naval base in Japan Wednesday and while we all know his skin is so thin it's wonderful it doesn't crumble into dust with every light breeze, this was one of those instances that still manages to amaze with its seemingly impossible levels of insecure pettiness.

News agencies cited officials, speaking on condition of anonymity, as saying that the request to keep the ship out of sight had been made, but that the directive had been scrapped by senior Navy officials. It was named for the Senator's Grandfather, John S. McCain Sr.

The Journal said the request came from an official briefed by the White House and the Seventh Fleet, which is based in Japan.

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However, a US official said sailors on the ship were given the day off because of Memorial Day, Reuters reported.

USA navy Cmdr. Clay Doss, spokesperson for US 7th Fleet, told the AP the tarp was on the ship on Friday but was removed by Saturday morning, the day Trump arrived. Sailors were reportedly also told to stay home during the visit by the president.

NEW: The White House wanted the USS John McCain "out of sight" for Trump's visit to Japan.

Trump appeared to deny the report from his social media account.

"It's a weird way to say goodbye", she said. John McCain out of sight during his visit to Japan this week.

Trump and McCain, who was the 2008 Republican presidential nominee, were frequently at odds before and during Trump's presidency, up to McCain's death.

A Republican, McCain broke with the president in key areas.

This article was written by Dan Lamothe, Colby Itkowitz and Josh Dawsey, reporters for The Washington Post. "Our military is not a prop. Ships and sailors are not to be toyed with for the benefit of a fragile president's ego".

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