Pope says he would confront Trump directly on border wall

Pope says he would confront Trump directly on border wall

Pope says he would confront Trump directly on border wall

Pope Francis said he would tell President Donald Trump to his face that the southern border wall and family separation policies are 'cruel'.

"I think you need to spend more time fixing the mess in the Catholic Church and concentrate on his own problems", he said on of Pope Francis on "Lou Dobbs Tonight" Tuesday.

Pope Francis has spoken out strongly against abortion but also has expressed sympathy for women who have had them and has made it easier for them to be absolved of the sin of abortion.

"I do not know what is going on with this new culture that defends territories by building a wall. We already knew one, that (one) in Berlin, which brought so many headaches and so much suffering", he said.

He went on to say that a human being is "never incompatible with life" and stressed that babies who are likely or certain to die either at birth, or shortly after, should be provided with the same attention and medical care as any other human would. Territory, or the economy of a country or who knows what, ' Francis continued.

Vatican reporter Valentina Alazraki asked the Pope what he would say to Trump to which the pontiff replied: "The same".

Trump has pushed an aggressive border policy, which includes building a wall along the southern border with Mexico, although this has been thwarted by Democratic opposition.

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Pope Francis has, on the weekend, stressed the Catholic Church's position on abortion saying that it is the same as hiring a hitman, even if the foetus is sick or has pathological disorders.

Trump, who met the pope at the Vatican in 2017, has said the wall is needed to address a crisis of drugs and crime flowing across the border into the United States and has clashed with the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives and some judges on how to fund it.

The Pope has previously criticized Trump's immigration policy and separating children from parents, which has been reversed after a widespread outcry.

Last month, Trump denied media reports that his administration was considering reinstating the policy.

At a meeting of an Italian family association past year, the Pope likened abortion to the "white glove" equivalent of the Nazi-era eugenics program.

Francis said he did not feel hurt and took it 'with a sense of humor, ' adding, 'I pray for them because they are wrong, and, poor people, some of them are being manipulated'.

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