Swedish prosecutors request Assange detention: First step to European arrest warrant

Metropolitan Police in the street adjacent to the Ecuadorean embassy

Metropolitan Police in the street adjacent to the Ecuadorean embassy

Assange, who is the founder of WikiLeaks, was arrested at the embassy in April and is serving a sentence in London for skipping bail, according to The Hill.

It's not known what devices authorities removed from the embassy or what information they contained.

British authorities, who are now holding Assange on a 50-week sentence for jumping bail in 2012, will be in charge of deciding whether to extradite him to Sweden or the United States first, Fox News correspondent Greg Palkot reported earlier on "America's Newsroom".

Kristinn Hrafnsson, WikiLeaks' editor-in-chief, said reopening the case would give Assange a chance to clear his name.

Assange, 47, was arrested on April 11 after being handed over to British authorities by Ecuador.

Assange and his lawyers will not be present during the "illegal seizure" of items believed to include his manuscripts, legal papers, medical records and electronic equipment, WikiLeaks said.

WikiLeaks said it believed the chain of custody for the property "has already been broken".

Sweden dropped the charges back in 2017, after it became clear that Assange meant to stay as long as possible in the Ecuadorian embassy in London. "Thieves! Thieves! Shame on you!"

"Neither Julian Assange nor United Nations officials have been permitted to be present when Ecuadorian officials arrive to Ecuador's embassy in London on Monday morning".

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Assange's relationship with his hosts collapsed after Ecuador accused him of leaking information about Moreno's personal life.

Moreno's actions immediately were celebrated by the Trump administration, which was key in helping Ecuador secure a $4.2 billion credit line from the International Monetary Fund and has provided the tiny South American country with new trade and military deals in recent weeks.

Ecuador will hand over to USA prosecutors on Monday the belongings of Julian Assange that remain in the country's London embassy, WikiLeaks told The Guardian on Sunday.

Staff at the Ecuadorian embassy also reportedly complained of Assange "riding a skateboard in the halls, of playing soccer on the grounds and behaving aggressively with security personnel."Assange took refuge in the embassy in 2012 to avoid extradition to Sweden over allegations that he had sexually molested one woman and raped another in August 2010".

Swedish prosecutors are under time pressure as the rape allegation will expire in summer next year under the statute of limitations.

Swedish authorities have had to shelve it because he was living at the embassy at the time and there was no prospect of hauling him to Sweden.

Assange faces a maximum of four years in prison in Sweden if he is convicted of the rape.

Assange denies the allegations of rape.

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