Afghan Government Unconditionally Released Hundreds of Taliban Prisoners

Afghan govt frees 490 Taliban prisoners across country – report

Afghan govt frees 490 Taliban prisoners across country – report

Both groups have in the past carried out deadly attacks in Jalalabad.

Feroz Bashari, government media center chief said on Thursday that the freed Taliban insurgents were either ailing or had less than a year remaining on their prison sentence.

Meanwhile, Ambassador Kay said NATO Allies are working closely with the Government of Afghanistan and the people of Afghanistan to bring about the conditions for a lasting peace.

In a gesture of goodwill, the government announced on Thursday it has released 490 Taliban prisoners who are ill or have less than a year left to serve.

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Amid the uptick of nearly daily onslaughts and suicide attacks against both Afghan forces and civilians, along with US interests in the region, Washington has endeavored to accelerate the push for a diplomatic agreement that will draw down the nearly eighteen-year conflict. The Taliban said they were not behind that attack. A total of 887 prisoners, all members of the Taliban, are slated to be released in the coming period.

Meanwhile, the Taliban has continued its spring offensive of bloodletting across the war-ravaged nation and is estimated to control at least half the land mass.

The recent release of almost 500 Taliban prisoners came as US -backed Afghan forces risked their lives during the last two weeks to rescue "at least 400 people, including civilians and members of the Afghan army and police" from prisons operated by the terrorist group.

On several occasions, the Taliban has refused President Ghani's offer of an unconditional ceasefire and official recognition as a political group.

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