Cam Newton Offers Man $1500 For Seat on Flight, Gets Turned Down

Cam Newton got denied after offering someone $1,500 to switch seats with him on a flight AP

Cam Newton got denied after offering someone $1,500 to switch seats with him on a flight AP

According to a fellow passenger on Newton's trip to from the French city to the USA, the athlete, 30, was allegedly overheard offering a man $1,500 in cash for his airplane seat.

Even though Newton had to purchase a coach seat, he probably figured there was no way someone would turn down over $1,000 just to swap with him.

The video shows Newton pointing at a seat that's already been taken - a seat that seems to be in a row without seats in front of it.

Edwards spoke to CNN in the wake of the video going viral, and said he had run into Newton earlier at the Paris airport, and "said hi to him, shook his hand". A seated passenger appears to shake his head at the athlete. His sole option was apparently to fly home through Dallas in economy class. Gulp.

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Newton, who shows off his unique fashion style during his postgame press conferences, went to Paris for Men's Fashion Week.

If anyone needed extra legroom, it's probably the 6-foot-5 National Football League quarterback, but why didn't Newton consider sweetening his offer with, maybe, a few tickets to a game or a bobblehead or an autograph or some of the designer swag he had sported all last week in France?

In the video, Newton is seen standing over the unidentified man while doing his best to negotiate the proffer, but to no avail.

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