Court orders abortion on disabled woman

"I am acutely conscious of the fact that for the State to order a woman to have a termination where it appears that she doesn't want it is an vast intrusion", she said.

The woman was said to be in her 20s, but has developmental disabilities and the mental age of a nine-year-old.

The woman's mother, who is Nigerian, told doctors and the court that she and her daughter are absolutely opposed to the abortion, citing their Catholic faith, while assuring the court that she would assume responsibility for the care of her grandchild.

The Catholic News Agency (CNA) reports that the pregnant woman is 22 weeks pregnant and has been described as "in her twenties".

"I am acutely conscious of the fact that for the State to order a woman to have a termination where it appears that she doesn't want it is an vast intrusion", Lieven ruled. She has reportedly been under the care of the British National Health Scheme.

Because of the possibility that a woman would not be able to care for a baby on her own and because that baby might eventually endure harm, a judge in Great Britain is ordering that the unborn baby be killed now. The origin of the pregnancy, whether it was conceived consensually or not, is unknown and under police investigation.

Throughout her legal career prior to becoming a judge in 2018, Lieven had a history of pro-abortion activism.

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Allowing the child to be born and then removed from the woman's home and placed into foster care or adoption would be against the woman's own interests, the judge concluded.

Although the mother wanted to bring the pregnancy to term, Justice Lieven said: "I think she would like to have a baby in the same way she would like to have a nice doll".

"Pregnancy, although real to her, doesn't have a baby outside her body she can touch", Lieven added.

In 2015, when challenging Ireland's abortion laws, Lieven stated that making decisions about abortion should be handled by courts, not the executive branch, stating, "The respondent and the attorney general argue this is a matter which should simply be left to the executive, and they do to some degree rely on the fact that there has been a consultation process on changing the law on abortion".

Unrestricted abortion is legal in the United Kingdom until 24 weeks of pregnancy, after which doctors must certify that the abortion is in the medical interests of the mother.

Justice Nathalie Lieven admits in the ruling of the "heartbreaking" case that it's an "immense intrusion" to order the abortion against the woman's will, but argued that it's in the best interest of the woman.

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