Flight attendant hits ceiling during bout of turbulence

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Credit Storyful

"The flight from Pristina with airline ALK experienced turbulence in the air around 20 minutes before landing", shared a EuroAirport spokesperson with ABC after an ALK Airlines plane experienced severe turbulence which went onto injuring a total of 10 passengers. Video shows the airline worker and her cart hit the ceiling and come crashing down in the seats.

Passengers were left bracing for the worst as powerful turbulence threw a flight attendant into their plane's roof on Sunday.

One passenger told the newspaper, "People started screaming and crying".

A food cart can also be seen soaring into the air in the video, its contents, including scalding hot tea and coffee, raining back down on the passengers.

Passengers are seated and a man puts a jumper on but suddenly the cabin is shaken by a jolt of turbulence.

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According to the Daily Mail, Basha told a local news outlet that the turbulence began about 30 minutes into the flight and lasted about five minutes.

Gaskell explained that the turbulence was caused by a sudden drop in altitude and a strong downward "impulse".

Ten people were taken to hospitals in Basel suffering minor injuries.

Alexandra Deabler is a Lifestyle writer and editor for Fox News.

In a statement to Fox News from ALK, the airline confirmed that passengers were given immediate medical assistance after landing.

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