Google My Business gets new features

Google My Business gets new features

Google My Business gets new features

Google doesn't disclose what percentage of businesses that could create their profile through My Business have done so.

You and I and the whole local SEO community know how bad the Google Maps business listing spam issues are. Businesses can also reward people who follow them on Google by offering them exclusive deals.

The report comes a day after the search engine giant announced that it is giving businesses more options to customize their company profiles on search and Maps through its My Business feature.

Be careful of the next business you contact on Google Maps, because it may or may not really exist.

When a place offers a discount coupon for following it, a little badge with a price tag will appear on the Follow button. It also took down 250,000 fake business profiles reported by users and disabled more than 150,000 user accounts that the company found abusive, a 50 percent increase from 2017.

Photo appearing to show dogs walking on water highlights Greenland's melting ice
If worldwide greenhouse gas emissions remain on their current trajectory, Greenland may be ice-free by the year 3000. This scenario would produce up to six feet of sea level rise in the next millennium, according to the study.

Photo displays and captions: Google also updated the business profile so more recently-taken photos show up in general.

According to Google, these short names are entirely unique, and businesses can claim the short name of their choosing via the Google My Business app.

Other improvements include the launch of a new website where companies can order and download custom offline materials, more prominently displayed logos for business listings that have complete core information like phone number and hours, support for cover photos, and the introduction of shorter names and URLs. Google says that consumers interact with businesses in various ways-including using the free booking service-over 9 billion times a month.

Google did respond explaining How we fight fake business profiles on Google Maps - again, all stuff you know. (Google is now challenging the fine.) The company also appealed a $5 billion fine for unfair business practices around its Android operating system.

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