Google Photos File Syncing With Google Drive Ends July 10

Google Photos File Syncing With Google Drive Ends July 10

Google Photos File Syncing With Google Drive Ends July 10

Today, new photos and videos that appear in a user's Google Photos automatically appear in that user's Google Drive as well.

Your current files will remain intact, but new files will need to be manually synced. But the Google Photos app already has a share function that can let you send pictures to Google Drive and other third-party services. There's a Google Photos folder within Drive that acts nearly like a bridge between the two. Your Google Photos folder in Drive will remain but will no longer update automatically as before. Previously, users who had images or videos on either Drive or Photos would see them show up in the other, which caused some confusion among users.

Google has long maintained an optional link between Google Drive and Google Photos, but it appears that feature is going away. Instead, the Google Photos folder will be its own thing. This change is created to help prevent accidental deletion of items across products. And vice versa. The problem, as it turns out, is that users would delete photos from one service but not intend to delete them in the other.

As for the account-wide storage limit, users are still able to upload unlimited "high quality" files to their Photos service without it impacting their storage, however if those files are also stored in Drive, the latter will count towards the storage cap.

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Photos and videos in both accounts will stay in their respective apps and will not be deleted when the changes happen in July. The "Google Photos" folder in Drive will remain as well.

"Many of you store your photos and videos on both Google Drive and Google Photos, which keeps them safe and easy to access", a new post to the Google Photos blog explains. According to the page, manually duplicating the pictures across Google Drive to Google Photos will take up storage space over both accounts, but using the company's Backup and Sync service will not.

Confused? Like we said, Google is simplifying things a little bit, but it's still certainly not streamlined. Is this better or worse than before?

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