Google RCS on Android is coming soon: What you’ll opt-into

Google Says It's Ready to Bring RCS to Your Phone, Carriers be Damned

Google Says It's Ready to Bring RCS to Your Phone, Carriers be Damned

The Verge today reported that The Verge reported today that Android users in the United Kingdom and France will be able to use RCS by the end of this month. Eventually, this will be offered in more countries later this year, and with Google taking care of this directly; eventually, we could see RCS made available for all Android handsets. RCS is meant to replacement aging SMS, but users have been left uncertain of when the service would finally arrive on their phone. It would also support read receipts and typing notifications. The RCS platform also allows users to engage in a video chat without the necessity of installing a third party app like Duo and supports the sharing of large files.

If you opt to use RCS, you should note that the service doesn't support end-to-end encryption.

Google's yet to say what countries will follow these initial two and how quickly it'll expand this initiative, but at the very least, real steps are being taken to make sure everyone has the best messaging experience possible. And were fully committed to finding a solution for our users. A "Chat" label will appear in the app when you're communicating with someone who's also using RCS; if not the app will fall back on SMS standards.

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Later this month, Android users in the United Kingdom and France will be able to opt-in to using RCS "Chat" on their phones through Google's Messages app (at least we're assuming that's the case). The service will be available on all phones with RCS Universal Profile support, and it will support a web interface, but the messages won't be available on all of the user's devices like with Apple's iMessage. In light of the slow carrier response to the technology, Google is taking over RCS deployment on Android devices and will soon give users the option to opt into its own RCS Chat services.

In Apple's Messages, if the user sees iMessage in the text field, he knows that he is conversing with another iOS user. Either way, your Android texts could become livelier in the near future.

Seemingly exhausted of carriers and handset makers dawdling, Google is bringing RCS messaging to Android users in the United Kingdom and France. And in the event a carrier/device combination already work with the standard, Google will let the carrier handle your messages. Unlike SMS, RCS messages are encrypted in transit, though the lack of end-to-end encryption remains an issue for security-minded users. However, once a message is received by the recipient, it is removed from Google's servers. "If we keep it, it's just to deliver it when that person comes online". And the faster that RCS is rolled out, the quicker Android users can enjoy it.

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