Google will reveal Stadia prices and games on June 6th

According to the teaser, Google's new streaming service for games will reveal launch info (presumably that means when and where it will launch), how much it will cost, and what games it will have available on Thursday, June 6 at 9 am PDT / noon EDT / 5 pm BST. As far as launch dates are concerned, the only thing Google has said so far is that the service will release sometime in 2019, so we're looking forward to more information on that as well. The company isn't even waiting for E3 to drop more details.

Google says the first "Stadia Connect" is coming on June 6th, and you'll be able to watch on YouTube.

It didn't take long for Google to move from the free Project Stream demo late a year ago to the Stadia reveal in March.

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We're finally getting the details we need for Stadia.

Google also promise "exciting announcements" and tease that "some news can't wait for #E3". Stadia is a streaming service that will allow people to play big-name and high-end games without having to own the latest or greatest hardware, software, or fancy gadgets. The games are powered by Google's high-performance computers, which then stream the images to the web browser in a similar way Netflix streams videos.

Stadia will support most game controllers, meaning you can use virtually any pre-existing game controller you may have on a device. Google is promising 60 frames per second at 4K resolution, though, and more - the eventual aim is the ability to scale up and deliver 8K resolution at 120 fps or better.

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