Hot Wheels get a modern update with two new digital offerings

Hot Wheels get a modern update with two new digital offerings

Hot Wheels get a modern update with two new digital offerings

And you can buy them all exclusively from the Apple Store starting today.

I can't remember how I got it, but I can vividly recall my very first Hot Wheels. Each Hot Wheels id vehicle has been outfitted with wireless tech, including a 4-MB memory card that gives each one a unique identification number. What's cool about it is there's a pair of infrared sensors that record speed and count laps.

Kids have been enjoying Hot Wheels toys for 50 years now, while arguing about who has the fastest cars, and whose can jump the furthest. The Hot Wheels id vehicles, the Race Portal, and the Smart Track kit can be purchased from the Apple online store and Apple Retail.

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Hot Wheels is ready to zoom into the new century. The company says the track features the "most powerful booster Hot Wheels has ever made". As with real cars, you can expect Hot Wheels with low sequence numbers to be prized. As far as pricing is concerned, the ID cars will be priced at $6.99, which is a premium over the usual vehicle. This will allow you to track all the same stats and recognize and upgrade id cars using your existing setup. In campaign mode, there are challenges that get harder as you progress, and each offers a chance to earn ID Coins to upgrade your vehicle or purchase blueprints for digital cars. Each can be scanned using your iOS device and added to your digital garage. There's a growing collection to choose from - including limited-run designs.

The cars work specifically with the new Hot Wheels Smart Track and its Race Portal, a digital surface outfitted with wireless tech that registers course information like speed and number of laps. Single id vehicles will cost you just $6.99.

The scanning can happen one of two ways: by tapping the auto to your iPhone (7 and up) or by passing it through a Hot Wheels Race Portal, which is sold separately.

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