Huawei finally has had enough of USA bullying

Huawei’s appeal to Android developers won’t work without these key factors

Huawei’s appeal to Android developers won’t work without these key factors

Of course this also suggests that the new HongMeng OS from Huawei is indeed an AOSP/Android fork that will be compatible with all Android apps. According to XDA Developers, Huawei has started asking developers to make apps for its own AppGallery store.

The Financial Times reported on Sunday that the global body responsible for setting 5G standards, called 3GPP, warned that sanctions against Huawei could have a "dramatic effect" on mobile communications standardization.

Earlier, leading technology company Google had said that Huawei phones will be denied of the Android software after the expiry of a 90-day reprieve fixed by the U.S. government in August.

The decision only applies to pre-installed apps and does not stop Huawei smartphone owners downloading and installing the apps once they receive their phones. They say Beijing could use the company's products for cyberespionage, though they haven't presented evidence of intentional spying.

The company invites certain Play developers to join their team of "560K developers" in the Huawei Developer Portal.

Executives of the Chinese tech giant previously said that there is a backup plan and that Huawei could launch its own smartphone operating system (OS) in a few months.

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'People rely on core Google services like Google maps and not being able to have these applications on devices would present a huge challenge, ' he said.

US officials are pressing their global campaign to blacklist Huawei, the world's No. 1 network equipment provider and second-largest smartphone maker.

As per the sources, unlike Google, the Facebook ban will be seen on the upcoming Huawei phones.

It is pretty evident by now on how the United States ban on Huawei has hit the company.

Huawei has no other option than to prepare for a future without Google after it was banned from working with American companies, and this is exactly what it's trying to do right now with an email sent to the top Android developers. The software will probably come with its future devices only if the trade-war between China and USA isn't settled any time sooner. This was a major blow to the world's second largest smartphone maker given that it relies on Google's Android operating system to power its smartphones. In a combination, they have almost 6 billion active users globally, according to a report by Smart in Sights.

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