ISIS teen gives birth to baby girl

Women and children evacuated from ISIS embattled holdout of Baghouz Syria arrive at a screening area

Women and children evacuated from ISIS embattled holdout of Baghouz Syria arrive at a screening area

"But the children can't be held responsible for that", he said.

"They would absolutely have been asked questions about what they've witnessed, to anything they've participated in, through to their views on Australia and coming back", Roose said.

One has bullet wounds to her legs, while another, who's still a teenager, is expecting her third child.

Melbourne-based Rizvic, originally from Bosnia, and Bacha, originally from Singapore, both died in Syria.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has said the decision to bring the children home wasn't made "lightly". The Australian has reported that they could return home to Australia as soon as next week.

Ms Sharrouf and two of her siblings had been reunited with their grandmother Karen Nettleton in Iraq.

The eldest of the Sharrouf orphans has given birth in Iraq only two days after she, her two siblings and her two young daughters were rescued from Syria by an aid agency working with the Australian Government.

Morrison said appropriate support structures will be in place when the children touch down in Australia.

"I mean the fact that you would take a child and put them in a conflict zone like this is despicable and I find it disgusting".

PM Lee in Bangkok for Asean summit, Government & Economy
In this regard, he said ASEAN-led mechanisms can serve as platforms for dialogue and implementation of Indo-Pacific cooperation. Prayut also urged the region to complete the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) negotiations in 2019.

Karen Nettleton's public pleas for her grandchildren and great-grandchildren to come home are a "gift and curse" when they are resettled, Roose said.

The ABC understands the child was born on Monday in an undisclosed location.

The children returned to Raqqa, Syria, with their father. "It is not just physical wounds that have to be looked into but there is some other psychological issues, no doubt, that will have to be looked into", he added.

Having spent their formative years in a war zone, the children - ranging in age from two to 17 - have been cleared by authorities to re-enter Australia.

Clarke Jones, an Australian National University criminologist who specializes in radicalization, said the children would need treatment for trauma and could be radicalized.

"People leave and no-one hears anything from them anymore", she said. "Because of that, they would also be under threat". He had previously been jailed in Australia for terrorism offenses and released in 2009. Her first baby, three-year-old Ayesha, was born to Australian fighter Mohamed Elomer, who she married when she was 13. Concerns over security in Syria have so far deterred other countries, including Britain, Germany, and the United States.

Carroll said disengagement services, also known as deradicalization programs, were available in Australia to help the children integrate into the mainstream Australian community. "The profile and the publicity around this family will also make it quite problematic for them to just integrate back into normal life in Australia". "We were brought here by our parents", Zaynab Sharrouf said.

Zaynab Sharrouf (pictured right) was evacuated from a refugee camp in Syria over the weekend, and gave birth to her third daughter on Monday night.

The Sharrouf children were taken to Syria and IS by their mother and Sharrouf's wife, Tara Nettleton, in February 2014. She died in a hospital a year later of a perforated intestine.

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