John Bercow: I'm staying put as Commons Speaker until Brexit is decided

Alastair Campbell plans to appeal expulsion from Labour

Alastair Campbell plans to appeal expulsion from Labour

Elected 10 years ago in the wake of the Parliamentary expenses scandal, there was every indication that Mr Bercow would step aside this summer after evidence emerged of an unacceptable culture of bullying and harassment.

Speaking to the Guardian after his Washington speech, Bercow said, "I've never said anything about going in July of this year".

The question which came to haunt Theresa May in the months, weeks and days prior to the Prime Minister's tearful resignation last week is equally pertinent to John Bercow, the Speaker of the House of Commons, who appears just as reluctant to give up high office.

They fear he is attempting to block a no-deal Brexit. "No chance of no deal, unless [Boris] Johnson succeeds in suspending the constitution".

"The idea that parliament is going to evacuated from the centre-stage of the debate on Brexit is unimaginable".

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Giving a speech beforehand at a Brookings Institute event, he said the Commons is likely to block attempts to leave the European Union without a deal. "There's evidence that there is a majority for delivering Brexit in the House of Commons".

Raab, a former Brexit secretary, even suggested he would be ready to ignore the will of parliament in order to do so, telling BBC One's The Andrew Marr Show: "It's very hard for Parliament now to legislate against a no deal, or in favour of a further extension, unless a resolute Prime Minister is willing to acquiesce in that - and I would not".

He added: "My reading of the situation is that legally the default position in the absence of an agreement, a deal, is Brexit will happen on 31 October". He said he would like to be remembered "as a backbenchers' champion".

The largely pro-remain House of Commons has already voted against the possibility of a no-deal Brexit and Mr Bercow's comments over the past 24 hours seem to be a warning to any future Conservative leader that a no-deal option would be opposed in the House by MPs. However, friends of Mr Bercow previously said he was considering staying on as late as 2022 - the deadline for another general election.

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