Kourtney Kardashian Says Kylie Jenner Has 'Entitlement' Issues

Kourtney Kardashian Says Kylie Jenner Has 'Entitlement' Issues

Kourtney Kardashian Says Kylie Jenner Has 'Entitlement' Issues

In a sneak peek clip of Sunday's Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kylie complains about her mom, Kris Jenner's, over-involvement in her new office space for Kylie Cosmetics. "No one says anything because she's Kylie Billionaire Jenner", Kourtney responded while encouraging Kris to stand up to her daughter and demand a little respect.

Kylie, on the other hand, talks about how she needs her mother to give her the space back after Khloé revealed that Kris had given her a tour of the office.

"Kris Jenneris just doing too much with my office", vents the makeup and skincare guru in this telephone-style clip from Sunday's new Keeping Up With the Kardashians, which ironically sees her mother doing the exact same thing next to the 21-year-old's desk at Kylie Cosmetics. Khloe goes on saying that Kris has given her and Scott Disick a tour of her office space, Kylie is left fuming as she was the one who wanted to give the two a grand tour of her office that she spent a lot of time and money on to make it look flawless. A designated parking spot outside her place of work would be cool too, but...

This was not all, the Kylie and Kris both fought over the parking spot at the former's office which did not end well.

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"In front of everybody at the office, she's like, 'Don't ever park in my parking space again".

Arguing that this was an overreaction: "I'm like, oh my goodness". Kourtney says to her mother that Kylie feels entitled as she was named the youngest self-made billionaire by Forbes.

"Listen, b**ch. There's no f**king friends and loyalty in the game of being a billionaire", Khloe tells Kylie.

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