Leafs not guaranteed to match Marner offer sheet

The Toronto Maple Leafs have investigated a P.K. Subban deal

The Toronto Maple Leafs have investigated a P.K. Subban deal

This is just some of the changes we will be seeing when National Hockey League arrives.

Teams that successfully sign restricted free agents via an offer sheet must compensate the player's former team. The compensation going to the club losing a player varies depending on the annual average value of the contract, but the Leafs would receive four first-round picks if Marner's signs for north of $10.568 million USA annually.

Compensation to the team losing a player to an offer sheet escalates from no compensation for a contract worth $1.4 million or less per season, to four first-round draft picks for a contract worth more than $10.5 million per season.

This is a different approach than the one Dubas took in December, when he told Sportsnet that the Leafs were positioned to match any offer sheet that came their way.

"We of course would love to have all these done quickly, but if you look around at the other teams here, everyone is in a similar spot", Dubas said.

Whether it's a negotiating ploy or the reality of the Leafs' salary structure - as Toronto now has $7.79 million open for next season - Dubas isn't sounding as gung-ho about the team's ability to match an offer sheet for a player like Marner. "But I also don't think it benefits to shy away from the fact that (offer sheets) may happen". "I wouldn't know one (way) or another without knowing where those are going to land, if they happen". Where they fit in our internal economics. The latest edition of the hockey simulation will feature Auston Matthews of the Toronto Maple Leafs on the cover and a big emphasis on new shot types.

Baker Mayfield honors Saquon Barkley's quads after lost bet
Barkley revealed at the time that the victor of the Offensive Rookie of the Year Award would receive a chain from the loser. Unbeknownst to the rest of the world, Barkley and Mayfield had a little side bet going over who would win the award.

Re-signing star winger Mitch Marner is priority No. 1 for Dubas and his staff but it would come at a cost.

“Growing up I always admired all the players who got to be on the cover of the game. He's known to play the NHL video game series himself and, like it or not, Toronto is the center of the hockey universe, with Matthews being the face of the franchise.

"People hear them, whether they're factual or not, and they begin to draw certain conclusions about players and what their motives are".

"It's even more personalized now and relates even more to the individual", Matthews said.

It was reported that Patrick Marleau wants to return to San Jose to ostensibly end his career with the Sharks, but he still has one year left on his contract and Dubas wouldn't concede the veteran forward just yet. "All that said, I think that if Patrick Marleau were back with the Toronto Maple Leafs at the beginning of next year, it wouldn't be a problem for Patrick". Meanwhile, the team's back end needs an upgrade if they hope to contend next season.

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