Mexico publishes Trump's 'secret deal' on migration

Mexico publishes Trump's 'secret deal' on migration | Bangkok Post: news

Mexico publishes Trump's 'secret deal' on migration | Bangkok Post: news

The supplementary deal's initiate comes a week after Trump presented that the two worldwide locations had reached an agreement to prevent USA tariffs on Mexican imports in exchange for Mexico taking more hard measures on migrant flows - which savor elevated tremendously in contemporary months to properly over 100,000 a month.

Trump had waved the one-page document in front of reporters Tuesday to fend off critics who said he had in fact extracted little in the way of new commitments from Mexico with his tariff threats.

Mexico on Friday released a copy of a supplementary agreement to stop migrant flows into the USA - days after Trump inadvertently flashed parts of the deal to cameras.The June 7 deal will require migrants moving to the border via Mexico to seek asylum there, and for Mexico to identify changes in domestic law to...

Homan, the president said, will be working primarily out of the White House and will spend a lot of time at the border.

"The stoppage is unbelievable and I got reports yesterday, it's like day and night".

Additionally, the side agreement reveals that Mexico has left the door open to becoming a "safe third country", an option their government had adamantly opposed before the start of the negations.

Any such deal would have to go through Mexico's Senate - and lawmakers there look ready for a fight. Previously, majority wait in the United States until their cases are resolved.

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Mexico's leftist President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has celebrated the reprieve from Trump's tariffs as a diplomatic victory, and his government is racing to show that it is taking decisive action during the 45-day grace period.

"Under no circumstances can the Mexican state commit to any worldwide agreement without the Senate's approval".

"We still have the (tariff) ultimatum hanging over us, and on top of that we gave up the most precious jewel: we agreed to safe third country", he said.

Ebrard said this week that if Mexico could not stem the flow of people, a regional system should be established to bind in other countries crossed by migrants en route to the United States, including Guatemala, Panama and Brazil. "If that's their intention, we're going to take them to court", said a fellow party member, Senator Damian Zepeda.

Tension has only mounted amid evasive answers from Ebrard to questions about what happens if Trump decides Mexico has not done enough to curb migration after 45 days. "It's also clear he's using Mexico as part of his re-election campaign", political analyst Jose Antonio Crespo told AFP.

"Today there is a meeting with US authorities, to learn, to discuss the ports of entry and how the number will be measured, because Mexico has not accepted that it be undetermined", he said in a news conference.

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