Mexico says National Guard deployment to southern border starts on Wednesday

Cuban migrants land on the Mexican side of the Suchiate River on the border with Guatemala after crossing on a raft near Ciudad Hidalgo Mexico early Tuesday

Cuban migrants land on the Mexican side of the Suchiate River on the border with Guatemala after crossing on a raft near Ciudad Hidalgo Mexico early Tuesday

The New York Times reported on Saturday that Trump had framed parts of his Mexico deal as brand new and revelatory despite them having already been agreed months ago. As even Mexican officials acknowledge, it was Trump's threat of tariffs that forced Mexico's hand.

There was no specific migration reduction target, Ebrard said, noting that when he began talks in Washington last week to defuse the tariff threat, the usa government wanted Mexico to accept a "safe third country" agreement over migration.

Biden struck back at Trump, describing him as an "existential threat" to the country should he get another term as president.

Mexican Foreign Secretary Marcelo Ebrard told reporters the deployment of what will be 6,000 troops to the border and elsewhere throughout the country would begin Wednesday, though he did not specify how quickly all of the troops would be in place.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials have said it's a crisis that's straining resources, while Trump and other Republicans have demanded Congress change the law to allow people to be held longer, and for asylum claims to be filed overseas.

The proposed tariffs would have increased 5% per month, maxing out at 25%, until Mexico brought the flow of illegal immigration to a stop.

Trump rightly said that was not good enough at a time when over 4,600 migrants were apprehended crossing the border each day in May.

Another central demand by Trump was for the enlargement of a program which keeps asylum-seekers in Mexico while their cases are reviewed.

"I am pleased to inform you that The United States of America has reached a signed agreement with Mexico".

Trump waved the document in response to questions as to whether an agreement had been agreed with Mexico. He says that Mexico will consider the USA demand that it become a so-called safe third country, should enforcement efforts fail.

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Numerous migrants are families fleeing through Mexico from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador.

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"Safe third country could be applied if we fail, and we accept what they say", Ebrard said on Tuesday evening, noting that Mexican legislators would then give consideration to accommodating a change in migration law.

"A lot of things have to happen in 45 days", Mr Ebrard said.

Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard, who led Mexico's negotiating team in Washington, repeated his denial that there is a secret annex to the deal.

"Mexico is doing a great job at the border, really helping us", he said on Tuesday.

Mr Ebrard also said U.S. negotiators had wanted Mexico to commit to "zero migrants" crossing its territory, but that was "mission impossible".

It was not clear what specific measures the Mexican government would have to take. The implementation of the tariffs against Mexico was subsequently averted. It knew that Republicans on Capitol Hill would not overturn his action. "The Tariffs scheduled to be implemented by the USA on Monday, against Mexico, are hereby indefinitely suspended".

The president offered a chain of confusing and contradictory statements, saying time and again that Mexico would salvage to put up the settlement to "their congress" whereas concurrently saying that he has the energy to impose it unilaterally if he wishes to.

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