NASA opens Int'l Space Station for private travel, at hefty price

NASA opens Int'l Space Station for private travel, at hefty price

NASA opens Int'l Space Station for private travel, at hefty price

NASA officials envision an eventual transition to orbital outposts, fully operated by private companies.

Previously, Russia's space agency has already brought a number of private travelers to the station.

NASA has also said that the astronauts from private organizations like SpaceX will be able to travel space along with the help of NASA. Three years ago, Bigelow Aerospace had one of its expandable modules attached to the space station for testing, and it's still being used.

NASA said it will charge $35,000 per person per night to use its resources on the ISS such as food, life support, and communications.

And that does not include what the companies would charge rocket flight to and from the Space station. According to reports, the agency now spends between $3 billion to $4 billion a year.

According to NASA's chief financial officer, Jeff DeWitt, it's still a bit too early to estimate how much the agency could get from the venture.

NASA is going through some major budget crisis this year and the orders to reach the moon again by 2024 is eating everyone at NASA.

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Russian Federation operates half of the International Space Station.

Now that NASA has to complete the mission, they are opening their gates to the common people who are willing to go to the International Space Station.

"This is a huge different way for us to do business", said William H. Gerstenmaier, NASA's associate administrator for human exploration and operations in a news conference at NASDAQ in NY. Robyn Gatens, Deputy Director of the International Space Station at NASA Headquarters, joins Bill and Wendy show to shed more light on NASA's plans for commercial space activities in low-Earth orbit.

Following up on Friday's NASA announcement, Bigelow said his company has put down substantial deposits and reservation fees for up to four SpaceX launches to the space station.

Since the company is purchasing whole trips aboard the SpaceX capsule, its flight schedule would be independent from that of NASA's, making the trip, longer. But, he doesn't expect it to cover the space stations' running expense.

The company intends to use Elon Musk's SpaceX to deliver private or non-NASA astronauts into the International Space Station.

Bigelow Space Operations is the service subsidiary of Bigelow Aerospace, the space venture founded by Nevada real-estate development magnate Robert Bigelow.

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