Nicki Minaj Disses Miley Cyrus, Compares Her to "Perdue Chicken"

Trina Nicki Minaj

Trina Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj dragged Miley Cyrus, aka Purdue Chicken, from Los Angeles to Atlanta.

Minaj released a new episode of her Beats 1 radio show Queen today - the show's first new episode in three months. The "Megatron" rapper not only revealed that she and her boyfriend Kenneth "Zoo" Petty got a marriage license, but she also went in on Miley Cyrus continuing their never-ending feud. Her old foe, Miley was a major topic of discussion, and if you're Hannah Montana right now, you would be staying home for the weekend because this news is dominating the headlines. Take a listen below.

The veteran Miami rapper has finally dropped her new song where her good friend Nicki contributes with a guest verse. Nicki didn't think it was much of a joke and responded: "Perdue chickens can never talk shit about queens".

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Nicki added, "She disrespected me in a magazine article for no reason".

"I fuck him like I miss him/He just came out of prison/Bitches be talkin shit, but they ain't got a pot to piss in/My name is Nicki M, I'm in a sticky Benz/That means its candy apple red/I'm Barbie, this is Ken", she raps.

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