‘Nuclear Winter’ Battle Royale mode coming to Fallout 76

Bethesda is changing the lore of Fallout 76 to make the game better

Bethesda is changing the lore of Fallout 76 to make the game better

The lobby is Vault 51, a new location, and there are terminal entries to read, soccer balls to kick, instruments to play, and lore to discover. Bethesda announced the latest update of Fallout 76 at E3 2019. As we know, the combat player versus player is imbalanced because of the weapons and items. Use the d-pad to scroll through it and nab any launch codes you can find, as well as anything else that takes your fancy. Will you be the last one standing? But Bethesda really leaned into its existing game design rather than ripping it apart in order to fit a standard battle royale mold.

With Fallout 76, things are a little different but the mode works as you'd expect.

If you don't already own a copy of Fallout 76, the game is discounted right now to $17 with free one-day shipping in select markets. The map is carved out from the Flatwoods area of West Virginia and features a nice variety of settlements, open fields and riverbeds.

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Of course, you can also nab them off the bodies of eliminated players by heading over to where their corpse was and looting through the duffel bag that drops in their place. If you're set up in a team, each player picks their spot individually, so be sure to communicate a joint landing zone. And for us, that's a world and IP and game we've thought about for a decade. The effect is very similar to Battlefield V's Firestorm mechanic and it's a novel way to keep the action moving. This trial is not just for the Nuclear Winter portion, but for the full game. Rads poisoning works as it does in typical Fallout games, and exposure to too much radiation chips away at your health, decreasing your chances of victory. Nuclear Winter handles the battle royale genre in a way that only Fallout can, and it's unlike anything you've ever seen before. It felt easy to lose sight of a target in the wasteland, and tall brown bushes and rocky outcrops became ideal locations for players to hide.

Fallout 76's battle royale is surprisingly good fun. In the more immediate future, Fallout 76 is receiving a new game mode called Nuclear Winter. Your choices will have lasting consequences for the story of Wastelanders, and like in the main Fallout games, your stats and perks will sometimes offer you additional options for solving problems, persuading people, or convincing them to give you information.

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