Photo appearing to show dogs walking on water highlights Greenland's melting ice

Greenland Likely To Lose 4.5% Of Its Ice By End Of Century Says Study

Greenland Likely To Lose 4.5% Of Its Ice By End Of Century Says Study

Greenland's ice melting season normally runs from June to August but the Danish Meteorological Institute said this year's melting started on April 30, the second-earliest time on record going back to 1980. If all of Greenland's ice sheet were to melt, global sea levels would rise by seven metres. Since 1972, Greenland has contributed about half an inch to sea-level rise. They have warned us that all the ice of Greenland will be gone in a thousand years from now. If worldwide greenhouse gas emissions remain on their current trajectory, Greenland may be ice-free by the year 3000.

The Asian mountain range, which includes Mount Everest, has been losing ice at a rate of about 1% a year since 2000, according to a study in the journal Science Advances.

In the scenario where emissions are stabilized by the end of the century rather than continue to increase, the model shows ice loss falling to 26-57 percent of total mass by 3000. This scenario would produce up to six feet of sea level rise in the next millennium, according to the study.

The ice melt has only begun before early May once - in 2016 - since data began being registered in 1980. They will be among the first affected by the melting of the ice sheet, but the repercussions will not remain limited to Greenland or even North America. As a result, the outlet glaciers flow faster, melt and get thinner, with the lowering surface of the ice sheet exposing new ice to warm air and melting as well.

Greenland's ice sheet is huge, spanning over 660,000 square miles. An associate professor From the University of Alaska Fairbanks said that we would have a significant impact on how Greenland would look in the future - like in a hundred years or a thousand years.

The Himalayas, part of an area that is referred to as "The Third Pole" because it has so much ice, has only 72% of the ice that was there in 1975. "If you don't know what the weather is today, it's all guessing".

However, to simulate how the ice flows, the scientists need to know how thick the ice is.

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At its thickest point, the Greenland Ice Sheet now stands more than 10,000 feet above sea level. That's a lot of ice and signals a big melt season coming for #Greenland this year.

It is the most recent warning about warming in the world's coldest regions. That is a month sooner than is typical and one thing that is occurred exclusively as soon as earlier than within the historic report, in 2016.

"If we continue as usual, Greenland will melt", Aschwanden said.

Olsen snapped the picture while working on a project in collaboration with local subsistence hunters in Qaanaaq to monitor ocean ice, sea, and climate conditions.

The researchers ran 500 simulations for each of the three climate scenarios using the Parallel Ice Sheet Model, developed at the Geophysical Institute, to create a picture of how Greenland's ice would respond to different climate scenarios. NASA also provided funding support for the study. Operation IceBridge uses aircraft equipped with a full suite of scientific instruments, including three types of radar that can measure the ice surface, the individual layers within the ice and penetrate to the bedrock to collect data about the land beneath the ice. It has measured the height of the ice below its flight path as well as the bedrock under the ice sheets.

What does the future hold for us?

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