Seth Meyers and Rihanna Had a Hilarious Day Drinking Session

Seth Meyers and Rihanna bonded over drinks on

Seth Meyers and Rihanna bonded over drinks on"Late Night With Seth Meyers

Who WOULDN'T want to go drinking with Rihanna? And another - at one point, they drank champagne with a Twinkie ("Love In A Hostess Place") and out of chocolate bunnies ("B*tch Better Have My Bunny") - yeah, RiRi was just as confused.

Meyers and Rihanna took turns giving each other advice a la a sympathetic bartender, with Meyers offering Rihanna some sage (although probably unwelcome by her fans) advice in case she left the music industry and Rihanna giving a succinct if NSFW answer to what would make the ideal romantic date night for Meyers and his wife. Wrong? Rihanna would have to drink up. And, needless to say, things got messy real quickly.

"Trust Rihanna to spill the beans about herself while hanging out at a bar and the superstar did not disappoint when she appeared on Seth Meyers" show.

Next, Meyers and Rihanna took turns playing the bartender who gives great advice. "I actually wanted to be a pilot", Rihanna told Meyers.

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Afterwards, Rihanna agreed to let Meyers try out a series of pick-up lines to show that, even though he's married, he's still got game.

Luckily, Meyers had a backup.

When she returned, Rihanna sat down with Meyers to give him a makeover using some of her Fenty Beauty products, comparing Meyers at the end to one of the "blue people" from Avatar.

The two finished their booze-filled day attempting to sing Rihanna's hit song, "Work", but it was an epic fail, which isn't a surprise since it's already a tough song to sing sober. This was the singer's first appearance on the series. She proved this again on the June 20 episode of Late Night With Seth Meyers.

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