Telegram reports ‘powerful’ cyberattack originating from China amid continued Hong Kong protests

Telegram Hit by DDoS Cyber-Attack Users May Experience Connection Issues

Telegram Hit by DDoS Cyber-Attack Users May Experience Connection Issues

Telegram also noted that the DDoS attack appears to have stabilized, and also assured users that their data is safe. The members were discussing the strategy to deal with pepper sprays and tear gases.

Hong Kongers theoretically have freedoms of assembly and expression far beyond the Chinese Communist Party's subjects on the mainland, but they are increasingly anxious about surveillance and crackdowns ordered by Beijing. Its founder, Pavel Durov, tweeted that the IP addresses behind the "state actor-sized" attack were mostly located in China.

In the midst of the Hong Kong Protest, the popular encrypted messaging platform, Telegram, was hit by cyber attacks from China. "This case was not an exception", he tweeted.

The protestors had been using Telegram to coordinate their movements and actions.

Telegram did not immediately respond to a request for more details on the attack. They fear China is increasingly tightening its grip on Hong Kong, which is a semi-autonomous territory. Telegram is not liked by a number of governments, notable among them Russian Federation, for not providing access to the service's encrypted messages.

"We can ensure that no single government or block of like-minded countries can intrude on people's privacy and freedom of expression", Telegram says on its website.

Telegram took to Twitter to announce the "powerful" distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack, saying its servers were filled with "GADZILLIONS of garbage requests" which makes it impossible for the server to process "legitimate requests". As with most modern political movements, the protest is being coordinated in part through online messaging apps, leading to a digital cat-and-mouse game between authorities and activists.

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A police officer uses pepper spray during a clash at Legislative Council after a rally against the extradition law proposal at the Central Government Complex on June 10, 2019 in Hong Kong.

The SCMP article implied Hong Kong dissidents learned lessons after the 2014 Umbrella Movement - until now the largest pro-democracy demonstrations since the United Kingdom returned control of the island to China in 1997.

The new extradition bill in Hong Kong would allow China, which now has anywhere from 1 million to 3 million Muslims in concentration camps, to extradite alleged criminals to face torture and imprisonment, removing safeguards that have been in place to protect civil rights for residents of Hong Kong.

Back then, the country was also going through internal issues where the people stood up against their government, as China started cracking down on the country's human rights lawyers.

The Telegram messaging app was overloaded by a DDoS cyberattack this week.

Paul Bischoff, a privacy advocate at, said that Durov has good reason to suspect China is the reason for this DDoS attack. Four years ago it was also a victim of such spam from China.

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