Terrifying turbulence video shows air hostess thrown into ceiling

WATCH Flight Attendant Beverage Cart Smash Into Ceiling During Turbulence                Screenshot/ Storyful Rights Management

WATCH Flight Attendant Beverage Cart Smash Into Ceiling During Turbulence Screenshot/ Storyful Rights Management

A passenger on board a Boeing flight in Kosovo has captured shocking video of a flight attendant being flung into the plane's ceiling during a bout of severe turbulence.

According to reports, the turbulence started about 30 minutes before the plane landed and lasted five minutes, a passenger told news outlet 20 Minutes. Some passengers said they were burned by the hot water that was thrown from the cart.

Ten people were taken to hospital with minor injuries.

USA carriers are generally required to have flight attendants sit if they believe turbulence is ahead, but ALK Airlines says the flight attendant from the video is still in "absolutely good health". However, other passengers claimed some suffered more serious injuries.

Passengers on board an ALK Airlines flight to France prepare for turbulence before an air hostess (right) is sent flying and hits the ceiling. Travelers could be seen screaming and even praying amid the chaos.

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Seats were reportedly torn up from the floor and seatbelts broken by the turbulence, leaving passengers bleeding and bruised.

The plane, which was carrying 121 passengers, was met by ambulances upon landing.

In a statement, Vivienne Gaskell-a spokesperson for EuroAirport-said that the plane's scheduled return to Pristina was delayed by an hour due to the incident.

A spokeswoman for ALK Airlines told news site Badische Zietung confirmed turbulence was behind the incident. She added that the seatbelt sign had been switched on, though Fox News noted it was not clear how long the sign had been illuminated before the severe turbulence occurred.

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