The Met Office has issued another yellow weather warning

Met Office thunderstorm warning for South West | Latest Weston-super-Mare and Somerset news

Met Office thunderstorm warning for South West | Latest Weston-super-Mare and Somerset news

According to the Met Office's latest forecast heavy rain is expect from 9pm tonight and will last until the early hours of Tuesday.

Later in the week the temperatures could rise again, approaching 75F or 23C.

The threat of heavy rain faces nearly the entire country for 24 hours - with many areas being put on high alert for 48 hours, according to the Met Office weather map.

Heavy rain and thunderstorms may lead to flooding and disruption to travel in the Spalding area, the Met Office has warned.

"Those storms are expected to clear by the time we get to 7am, leaving some light rain for an hour or so before it gets drier through the morning".

"By the time we get to Saturday, however, North Sea coasts will join much of the rest of eastern United Kingdom in seeing temperatures of 27 to 32 Celsius".

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Malta will remain relatively unaffected by a heatwave set to hit most of mainland Europe, but that doesn't mean it isn't going to be hot as the Met Office has said it will feel like 38°C for most of the week.

The highest temperature of the year so far was 28.8C in Norfolk on June 2. With temperatures potentially reaching into the mid-30s Celsius for parts of the United Kingdom later this week, there is a slight chance the current record could be broken.

High humidity on Monday and Tuesday is being blamed for sparking the thunderstorms, and will result in muggy conditions for many, with overnight highs of 19C possible throughout the week.

Advice on how to reduce risks from hot weather can be obtained from the NHS.

And Wednesday, when thunder and lightning could still be in the air, wind speeds are expected to pick up.

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