Tom Watson: 'Our future doesn't need to be Brexit'

Conservative Party leadership contender Rory Stewart speaking to a member of the public at a vote rally at the Underbelly Festival Garden on the Southbank in London

Conservative Party leadership contender Rory Stewart speaking to a member of the public at a vote rally at the Underbelly Festival Garden on the Southbank in London

Asked by pollsters YouGov whether they would rather see Scotland leave the United Kingdom than Brexit not take place, nearly two thirds (63%) were willing for the union - which has existed since 1707 - with the Scots to come to an end.

When asked whether they would be happy to see significant damage done to the British economy in order to leave, 61% agreed against 29% who wouldn't.

With the Conservative party still deciding on their next leader, it's clear that the issue of Brexit has become the main focus of the discussion, as seen by the recent Channel 4 debate.

Also notable was members' willingness for Nigel Farage to lead the Tory party, with 46% saying they would be happy for the Brexit Party leader to take the role.

"With this poll suggesting that nearly a quarter of Tory members in Scotland would prefer to deliver Brexit for their membership down south even if it means an end to the union, it's becoming clearer that Ruth Davidson has little authority in her party in Scotland".

Half (51%) of Conservative party members would rather call the whole thing off rather than allow the Labour leader to ascend to the position of prime minister.

Mr Brown added: "Scotland didn't vote for this Tory Government - yet our future now sits in the hands of small number of extreme hard-line Tory members".

Brexit has seen two successive Conservative prime ministers stand down from office and with United Kingdom politics at such a crucial juncture, a recent poll by YouGov makes for interesting reading.

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"Scotland deserves much better than this".

Mr Watson was backed by Edinburgh South MP Ian Murray who said: "Tom Watson is absolutely right that Labour must campaign loudly for a final say on Brexit and to remain in the EU".

He tweeted: "Brexit has turned this country into a toxic nation".

However, it's interesting that Conservative members fear the prospect of Jeremy Corbyn becoming prime minister more than the breakup of the UK. That is why we need to invest in our people, our communities and our public services across the UK. This poll is a damning indictment of Conservative priorities and a humiliation for Ruth Davidson.

The research showed that nothing is sacred now as the Conservative Party membership seeks to secure Brexit - except keeping Jeremy Corbyn out of Number 10.

"It's in the name".

"No matter how badly people want Brexit, no Conservative and Unionist member should be prepared to turn their back on the United Kingdom".

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